Do It Yourself

We offer our customers the option of having us complete any or all parts of the structure of their deck. You will gain the benefit of our design experience, and you can have confidence your deck is structured properly and will comply with local building codes.

The most common options are:

Option #1

This option entails the installation of the ledger board (attachment to the house), along with the layout and installation of the required 5’ deep poured concrete footings. The layout of the deck is done for you and greatly simplifies the completion of your deck. We will also provide a materials list and a design for the completion of the deck. You can have confidence that your DIY deck will be structured properly.

Option #2

Option #2 includes option #1 but we complete the joist system (the structure of the floor of the deck), and cutting and installation of the stair stringers (structure for the stairs).

Contact us and we will consult with you on any option you are considering.